TRANSITION – PhilllChabbb

April 29th, 2013

I’ve created a new site for my art and game under the alias PhilllChabbb. Turns out Philippe Chabot is fairly common!
I’ll keep this site on for laughs and kicks as I get older and the nostalgia kicks in.

Check out my new journey(and site) here.
Carpe diem!

Ray casting script I made for Unity in C#

January 16th, 2013

OK, so I’m a big programmer noob. But after searching the internet for a day, I figured out how to detect “which side of a 2D sprite was hit” using ray casting! It might not be the best or most efficient technique but it does work. Sharing this knowledge to maybe help out other peeps(and save them time). :D Sharing is power.

This script could not be available without the very informative post by Svampson “2D Platformer Physics in Unity3D” ! Thanks Svampson!! :D   [ link ]

My First Unity 2D C# Game – [DevLog 05] – MOAR Progress

January 11th, 2013

Welcome to the progress fiesta. You are invited to join in the fun!!1

New Features :
- You can now push plants while pressing a button (z). Before, the pushing was on contact. This caused some bad design problems. Ex: You walk to the exit, but hit a plant by accident. Need to restart. No no no no, I will have none of that!
- There is a ghost trail effect when you become spirit form. It’s pretty fun to play around and watch it follow you. Pretty spooky. He also never blinks. My dear lord.

Technical :
- Pushable objects (like plants), uses raycasting to detect which side of the object was hit. Before using this technique, I was doing contact points on the box collider… but that was kinda too crazy for my brain. So Ray casting it is… a little more time to set up, but cleaner/easier code. :)

Offspring Fling! F-A-N-A-R-T

January 4th, 2013

Here’s a short update. After playing the charming Offspring Fling! by Kyle Pulver.  I was inspired to play around with VRAY and make a little fan art thing! Was quite fun, mainly listened to the game’s soundtrack created by Alec Holowka(Aquaria) and some Kirby music. :D If you haven’t played it yet I really recommand it.