My First Unity 2D C# Game – [DevLog 05] – MOAR Progress

January 11th, 2013

Welcome to the progress fiesta. You are invited to join in the fun!!1

New Features :
- You can now push plants while pressing a button (z). Before, the pushing was on contact. This caused some bad design problems. Ex: You walk to the exit, but hit a plant by accident. Need to restart. No no no no, I will have none of that!
- There is a ghost trail effect when you become spirit form. It’s pretty fun to play around and watch it follow you. Pretty spooky. He also never blinks. My dear lord.

Technical :
- Pushable objects (like plants), uses raycasting to detect which side of the object was hit. Before using this technique, I was doing contact points on the box collider… but that was kinda too crazy for my brain. So Ray casting it is… a little more time to set up, but cleaner/easier code. :)