Tribute to awesome programming youtube teacher :D

December 19th, 2012

When Phil can’t sleep, instead of staying 4 hours in bed freaking out, he opens the computer and make art in homage to people who has helped him on his journey! This is the result of that!

Been wanting to do a bit of 3D lately and figured I could maybe do a take on a Xmas project by Rachel Morris (moosader). I’ve been following her dev log and it’s really entertaining and educational! She has a talent for pacing and making the act of learning really fun and dynamic.

I kinda stumble upon Rachel’s youtube channel two years ago, when I was starting my journey into learning programming. On the internet, 5 million people were giving all kinds of advice (some good, most just crazy) and I found out a “how to start making games videos.” Really fortunate to have found it. Here is my little thank you for the awesome videos and games, keep them coming! :D